onsdag 18. april 2012

Easter tulips / Påske tulipaner

My wife bought a bouquet of tulips for the Easter holiday. I love the colors of these beautiful flowers in strong yellow and green. And I thought that they would be ideal to create pictures from.

My first photos turned out to be quite dull and boring, and inspired by other photographers I frequently follow on different blogs I decided to try making a more abstract look. This turned out to be quite challenging, and I am not sure I managed to accomplish what I had in mind. Anyway, - this was some of the pictures my shooting resulted in.

They are not meant to be razor sharp. I have deliberately used out-of-focus and motion blur. I was more concerned about colors and shapes and light and shadows. At the same time I did not want a look that abstract that you cannot imagine what the object really is.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Utrolig flotte bilder! Jeg liker også tulipaner, de har så flotte linjer og farger, og du har virkelig latt dette komme til sin rett her. Jeg tror jeg liker det øverste og det nederste best.

  2. Nydelige bilder. Det blir en ekstra dimmensjon i slike bilder synes jeg.
    Meget godt utført.