søndag 8. april 2012

Tistel fra i fjor i år

Det meste er fortsatt brunt her hos oss,

men da kan selv en tistel fra i fjor bli et fint motiv også i år.


The nature is still very brown here around us,

but even an old road tistel may appear as a nice object to photograph.


I am very happy to see that my blog have visitors outside Norway. Though most of them are from Scandinavia, the blog also have visitors from:
USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Latvia, Canada, Russia and Ukraine.

Consequently I will try to make my blog available also in English.

If there are old articles of special interest to you that you would like to read in English, please feel free to tell me and I will make them available in English.

If you know how I can make the Google translate widget work with a blogger site, please tell me!

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